10 Things you Probably Don’t Know About Me

Hello all!


I want to introduce myself and what better way than to fill you in on a few things that many of you probably don’t know about me.

Although, I’ll start with some things that you probably do know. I am 21 years old. I’ve recently taken on the title of wife. (And I’m loving the way it sounds!) I’m obsessed with coffee and could drink it all day long and in fact most of the day I do. I have a pup named Wesson and although he’s not registered as one, he is most definitely my emotional support animal. He’s the best company I could ask for during the day when Sean’s at work. I work two days a week and am blessed to be able to work part time. I for the first time in years have managed to stay flare up free (even through all the wedding stress!) and overall am feeling the best I have in the 10 years since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I realize ups and downs are a part of life but I’m currently rejoicing in the up!

Now, for a few things you may not know about me.
(In no paticular order)

1. I love change. Some run from it and others embrace it and I am definitely someone who embraces it. There’s something awfully exciting to me about getting to restart or redecorate or just begin again. When Sean and I first started dating I was living in Texas although shortly after we knew we wanted to be together forever. He flew to Texas, we packed up my car, and moved me back.

2. I played with baby dolls until I was in the sixth grade. Seriously, I did. I had a favorite baby doll that I got from FAO Shwartz in New York when I was in the third grade. It weighed six pounds and felt like the real thing. I was obsessed.

3. I love to cook and bake. Really, I just love being in the kitchen, for me it’s a place to be free and creative. It works in my favor since I have a hubby who loves to eat!

4. I can sew and boy do I wish I did it more often! In high school I played around a lot with different fabrics and had big dreams of designing my own clothing line. I’ve always loved clothing and the ability it gives you to express yourself. My grandma bought me a sewing machine for my birthday one year and some of the first things I made was a striped shirt that fell apart in the washer.

5. It doesn’t matter how hot or cold it is, if I’m on the couch you’ll find me snuggled in a blanket. I love being cozy. I even wore stretch pants to school until the fourth grade and still will wear leggings over jeans if I can get away with it! I’m also the person who will stuff a blanket into their purse to take into the movie theater.

6. My husband was the first one out of the two of us to tell me that he loved me and when he did, I didn’t say it back. It took me a couple weeks because I wanted to be sure I meant it (unlike the other times I had heard someone say it) and bless his heart he was so patient.

7. I have two tattoos. One in honor of my grandfather (see below) and one in honor of my grandmother. The two people that I’ve lost that have meant the most to me. Before I got a tattoo, I thought I might get one and think, “Why did I get this? Get this off of me!” But getting something so meaningful has made me feel the opposite. I look down and see reminders of two people who had such a great impact on me and that I wish were still by my side.


8. I grew up with a mom who ran her own salon. After years of watching I thought it was also what I wanted to do. I began cosmetology school during high school through a local program. I met some amazing girls and loved it, but quickly realized that although I love styling and the different aspects of doing hair, I loved it as a hobby and not a future profession. The things I learned in school bundled with growing up in a salon has given me the knowledge and skill that I have.


9. I use mens deodorant and have for nearly ten years. Fact; majority of people who suffer from fibromyalgia (like I do) have a hard time regulating their body temperature. For me, this means there are times that I’m super hot and other times where I’m freezing cold. In those hot flash moments, my ladies deodorant just wouldn’t cut it so I tried mens, it did the trick, so I stuck with it!

10. I was born six and a half weeks premature. Turns out, I was born on my grandfathers birthday. We celebrated every birthday together since I was born up until my 19th. In his honor on my 20th birthday in 2016, I got a tattoo that in roman numerals that reads
2-19-15, last birthday that we spent together.

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3 Ways to Master Thrift Shopping plus my Recent Thrift Store Finds


Over the years I’ve enjoyed walking into a thrift store and searching through the racks in an attempt to find really good deals. I like to pile the cart up and then walk into the dressing room with all sorts of pieces. As I try each on, I realize that some look good, some are a definite no, and some are a downright steal. Those pieces you best believe I take home!

Although, I always felt embarrassed to tell my class mates or even my friends where I was shopping or where a cute shirt came from when they asked. But, why?
Did it matter that I bought a shirt second hand? Of course not, and I think everyone should do it!

I shop online and at retail stores, and I love doing so, but I also love the thrill of the search when I walk into a thrift store.

Recently, I wanted to go shopping. Sometimes I just feel like spending some money! Now that I’m a newlywed, I don’t think my hubby would be too happy if I came home with bags full of clothing from the mall with price tags that added up to more than we spend on groceries. So, instead of the mall. My mama and I headed to Salvation Army.

There are a couple things you need to do to prepare yourself when you’re headed to a thrift store. Keep these three things in mind and you will master the art of thrift shopping.

1. Don’t have any expectations.
You might not find anything and other times you might hit the jackpot. You really never know what you will find but hey, thats part of the fun!

2. Don’t go if you are in a hurry.
If you’re in a hurry you’re going to feel rushed. When you go into the store you need to allow yourself time to sift through the racks. When you allow yourself to look through the pieces of clothing, you will find some good stuff. I guarantee it!

3. Think outside the box.
Now this sounds kinda crazy, but bear with me! Don’t limit yourself to only looking through your size section. Things get mixed up. They have so much to go through and it’s impossible for it to always stay organized, so I recommend branching out. If you’re a medium like me, look through the mediums but look through both the small and the larges. You’ll find pieces that you can alter to fit!

Below are the items I found during my recent trip to Salvation Army.
During this trip I was focused on finding tops for fall.
Check out how I altered pieces to fit that aren’t my typical size and how layering can change the look of a piece.

Grey Old Navy Sweater XSIMG_1899IMG_1900
Ike Behar One Size Plaid CapeIMG_1779IMG_1782
Old Navy Plaid Tunic XXLIMG_1895IMG_1894IMG_1893
Win Win Tunic L/XLIMG_1896IMG_1892
Black Eddie Bauer Sweater Poncho M/LIMG_1888IMG_1889

I got all my tops featured for less than a total of $35! I could have only bought one thing for that price had I gone to the mall or into a department store!
You might not currently be a thrift store fan but don’t knock it till you try it!

Plaid Cape | Similar Plaid Tunic | Similar Cowl Neck Sweater
Similar Black Sweater Poncho | Similar Brown Tunic

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Simple & Sweet Bridesmaid Gift


Are you a planning your wedding and looking for a gift idea for your girls?

Look no further!

Everyone is doing it and why in the world wouldn’t you want to!? They’re adorable and useful! Yes, silk floral robes! I’ve been married a couple months now and I still use mine when I’m getting ready for the day!


One thing I really love about these, (besides the fact that they’re adorable and make for perfect pre-wedding photos) is that they are something your girls can use again!

For my bridesmaids I paired these super cute floral robes with a canvas bag with their title (bridesmaid, made of honor, etc.) on it.

Inside the canvas bag I placed a few little gifts, nothing big, just a couple of useful things. I included a small scented candle, a small cosmetic bag, and inside the cosmetic bag were the earrings that they would be wearing for the wedding.


Gifts are a simple way to say thank you for all they’ve done, especially leading up to the big day. For a personalized touch I added a handwritten thank you for them.

image1 (1)

Untitled drawing

The robes and bags were hung on a wooden hanger personalized with their name on it for the morning of the wedding. I ordered the hangers from amazon and then used a pencil to sketch their names. By using a pencil you can erase any sketches that you don’t like. After I was satisfied with how it was written, I went over it with a sharpie, following the sharpie I went over it a second time with a black paint marker. If you aren’t satisfied,  or make a mistake after you use the sharpie or paint marker, you can use nail polish remover to erase and start again. By going over the lettering  with the black paint marker it made them bright and shiny. If you can see any pencil leftover on the hanger, wait until the lettering is dry and erase it.

On my big day, the girls all had the same dress so they used their hangers to make sure they kept their dresses from getting mixed up with one another.


But, you cant forget your flower girl!

The company that I ordered the robes from had mini robes for your flower girl!
I could obsess over how adorable it is!

image2 (2).JPG

And brides, included in the bridal packages is a white robe for you!


You can find everything that you need for your bridesmaids below!

Floral Satin Robes 



Thank You Cards51160322Small Cosmetic Bag 

Bridal Party Tote Bag

Add the perfect earrings to match the dresses and you’re all set!

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Master Bedroom Makeover


As soon as we closed on our house I was dying to decorate our master bedroom. I decided on a paint color before we even had the keys!

I’m a regular Target goer. Target fans raise your hands?! I had been eyeing some lamps and a quilt for quite some time and I decided I would go on a shopping spree with my focus mainly on the master bedroom.

My vision for our bedroom was simple; for it to be calming and a place of relaxation.



I’ve never had to keep a man’s opinion in mind, so this was new to me when choosing  details. From the lamp shade to the sheets I had to really focus on not going for the frilly feminine look. I’m a girly girl, and I love pink and purple, dresses and jewelry. So when it came to choosing our bedroom decor, I wanted to make sure it was an equal balance for the both of us. I also wanted to make sure our bedroom was a place where we wanted to be.



I went with a soft blue that both Sean and I were a fan of. SW 6219 Rain by Sherwin-Willimans. The first step was to paint the walls. The previous home owners were a fan of red. They had every wall of the master bedroom painted a bright red. I covered that up as soon as we got the keys! (Seriously, I started painting the night we got the keys while the guys did all the heavy moving.)


After I had finished painting, we were at Home Depot and I caught a glimpse of some must have curtains. I would normally go for a solid color curtain in the bedroom, but I fell in love with these. We have a door from our master bedroom out to our patio so lucky me I get to have these in two places in our room!





 I added some texture to the room with the burlap lamp shades and added some detail with the patterned throw pillows. I also found the perfect wooden sign to draw in some more of the navy from the curtains.



I’ve included links if you are interested in checking them out; as well as links for the items below.

White Raw Edge Quilt | Large Cream Lattice Ceramic Lamp Base
Burlap Lamp Shade Natural | Blue Metallic Oversized Throw Pillow
Semi-Opaque Indigo Floral Cottage Back Tab Curtain | Similar Roma Tufted Storage Ottoman | Navy Supima Classic Hemstitch Sheet Set 700 Thread Count
White Solid Cotton Blanket

This post contains affiliate links.

Below are some items that are on my bedroom decor wish list, all from Amazon and listed at great prices! I’m dying to put it all on some shelving that I’ve got my eye on!

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One Dress, Multiple Seasons, Multiple Ways


I picked up this super cute army green dress from H&M a little while back.
What’s really great about this dress is the price! $12.99! Yep, I call that a bargain.


Order one for yourself here!

I’ve got a handful of reasons I’m so excited about this piece:

1.) When I tired it on I could see it styled for every season. Anything that I can wear all year round is totally worth the buy in my book!

2.) Army green. Enough said. It’s neutral enough for me to love it while it’s still more exciting than my typical black or white. Win!

One of my absolute favorite fall color combos is army green and cream.

3.) The material of this dress is pretty good quality, its not thin or see-through like I originally thought it would be. It’s also not baggy but not tight; my kind of perfection!

The summer look I envision for this dress is simple. Throw it on and add some brown wedges or slip on some gladiator sandals. Add a set of bracelets and a long necklace for some detail, and if it’s a cool summer night throw on a denim or leather jacket.

To style this dress for spring I would add a colorful kimono to brighten it up add some jewelry and this look screams brunch.

Winter is tough here in Indiana, so this is the time to layer up! I plan on adding some cream tights, tall brown boots and slipping on a neutral cardigan or sweater overtop for a layered look.

Last weekend I styled this dress as a tank with jeans, some booties, and a knitted sweater. I’ve also styled this as a tank with a flannel wrapped around my waist. I love love love versatile pieces. The fun part of fashion for me is playing with pieces and seeing how I can transform the pieces in my closet by simply styling them differently!


Fall is my most beloved season. I crave days where the sun is shinning, the leaves blowing, and the nights are cool enough to turn on the fire place and be wrapped up next to my hubby.Untitled drawing-9

How to Style your Hair at Home like a Pro


In one of my more recent posts, My #1 Secret for a Good Hair Day, I mentioned that prior to using my favorite product I dry and straighten my hair. I got a couple of questions about which products I use (if any) prior to using my blowdryer or flat iron, so
I wanted to share with you the products that I use and how I use them.
(My all-time favorite product, my secret weapon, you can check out here!)

First I wash and condition. I alternate between using Matrix So Silver and Matrix Color Obsessed shampoo. I like to use Matrix So Silver purple shampoo every two to three days. It helps keep my blonde nice and bright between trips to my hair dresser. I’m a gal that likes conditioner, and I use Matrix Color Obsessed conditioner. I let it sit on my hair and soak in for a good minute before I rinse it out.
I like to moisturize my hair since I style it so often.


When I’m out of the shower and ready to start styling, I remove the excess water from my hair with a towel then I use a pick and comb through my hair. After it’s combed through I grab my KMS Therma Shape Quick Dry Blow Dry spray and spray evenly throughout my hair.


When I’m finished prepping my hair to be dried, I grab my Conair Infinity Pro Blow Dryer and Conair Gel Grip handle XL Thermal Round Brush. I section from bottom to top and use a round brush to dry each layer. Using a round brush helps to add shape and volume. You can find the sectioning hair clips I use here here.


Once I reach my crown I over-direct to increase volume. Over-directing sounds complicated but is pretty easy. You want to pull (and dry) your hair in the opposite direction of how your hair freely falls.

(Excuse my roots. Im headed to the salon next week!)



After I have my hair is dried I turn on my flat iron to heat up. I love the flat iron I use. I’ve actually forgotten it at a hotel before and when I needed to buy a new one to replace it, I bought the same one because I’m loved it so much.
It’s also a great deal, you can typically snag one for under $20!


I section my hair for the second time using the same layers I did while blow drying. Again, I work from bottom to top. I use my flat iron to smooth my hair and curve it under a bit, this helps to add volume and shape.


To finish with my flat iron I straighten the front pieces that frame my face. I then proceed to styling with my favorite product, Big Sexy Powder Play, read all about this step here, next I add Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy to piece apart and add some texture to the front of my hair.


After this, I finish with my Kenra Volume 25 finishing spray and I’m good to go for the day! Although this may sound like a lengthy process, with some practice you can have it down to less than 30 minutes like I do!


Check the links below for products/tools I use. If you have questions, please comment!

Matrix So Silver Shampoo | Matrix Color Obsessed Shampoo |Matrix Color Obsessed Conditioner | Kenra 25 Volume Spray | Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy |
KMS Therma Spray Quick Dry Blow Dry Spray | Remington Diamond Hair Straightener | Conair Infinity Pro Blow Dryer | Conair Gel Grip Handle XL Thermal Round Brush

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Netflix Shows you Both will Love

Are you in need of a new binge worthy series?

Finding shows that me and the hubs both love, well, rarely ever happens.
Although, there are a select few that we can’t get enough of.

The trouble that Sean and I run into is finding one that we both enjoy. Does anyone else have the same problem? I’ve taken note when we have come across shows that we both like, and today I’m going to share them with you!

Fall is the perfect time to cozy up on the couch with your man and binge watch a good Netflix series. With that said, make some popcorn, snuggle up, and enjoy!


This show takes place in present day, and the main character Daniel Holden, has been on death row for nearly twenty years due to being convicted of murder. He ends up getting let out but he feels trapped trying to adjust to life outside of prison. Watch as he navigates his family, life where he can see the sun, and how to live in a town that believes he’s guilty.

House of Cards
Interested in politics? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be. The drama that takes place within House of Cards is enough to get you hooked.  With the help of a cute reporter there is far more than enough love, hate, and revenge to go around.

Sam, a teenager with Autism Spectrum Disorder, attempts to be independent and figure out what it’s like to date. Sam’s best friend encourages  him to take chances and go outside his comfort zone. Meanwhile enjoy watching as his family tries to adjust to this idea.

Shooter is based on the best selling book by Stephan Hunter, Point of Impact. You also may have seen the movie with Mark Wahlberg. This series stars a skilled sniper, Bob Lee Swagger, who gets back into the line of fire when he learns about a plot to kill the President. Trust me ladies, this may not sound enticing to you but read on. Bob Lee’s wife is a saint, she’s tough, and she’s beautiful. She has her husbands back and protects their family selflessly when he can’t.

Stranger Things
A young boy goes missing in a small Indiana town. There are so many questions and very few answers and no one is quite sure what’s going on inside the government lab. This show is a little out there so be prepared, and if you’re a scaredy cat like me be sure to watch during the day!


What shows are you and your man a fan of?

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